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Remit money globally with blockchain technology 

Power money remittance globally that settles instantly at zero dollar fees.

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Remit money globally

Enable global remittances with no geographic restrictions

Doesn’t matter which remittance corridor. Utilising non-custodial wallets, you can power global remittances from day 1.

Power low-cost cross-border money transfers

Globally, fees for sending remittance costs at least $6 for an average amount of $200. Transferring funds on the blockchain lower those fees to $0.00.

Instant settlement
of remittances

Remittances can instantly settle on the blockchain from sender to receiver. No more T+4 international settlement times.

Recipients spend stablecoin or cash out into local currency

Using a secured credit card, recipients can spend their received digital dollars. Or leverage Portal’s off ramp providers to enable recipients to cash out into local currency.

Who’s it for?

Neobanks and Fintechs

Payment Providers

Payroll Companies

Enable global remittances with no restrictions

Expanding a remittance product can be operationally complex due to the need for local money transfer licenses (MTLs) and complicated operations required to disburse funds across multiple payment methods and geographies. This is expensive.

Portal’s embedded blockchain infrastructure abstracts this complexity away: you can enable recipients globally to receive funds that settles in a matter of seconds.

Low-cost money transfers across borders

Why not use a licensed provider to facilitate transfers, then?

Globally, sending remittance costs 6.18 percent of the average amount ($200) sent or $12.36*. More than 50% of these costs are from intermediary fees.

Transferring funds on the blockchain lower those fees to $0.00 for that same transaction.

*Remittances Prices Worldwide, World Bank Q3 2023 

Instant settlement of remittances

Funds settle between the sender and recipient instantly 24/7 on the blockchain including the weekends. Forget waiting up to T+5 business days to settle these funds.

Spend stablecoins or cash out in local currency

Migrants usually remit money home to their family and friends in emerging markets. But how do their recipients cash out stablecoins?

Leveraging a secured credit card, recipients can spend their received digital dollars or cash out their funds into local currency. With Portal’s in-built off-ramp providers, recipients can cash out stablecoin into local currency.

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