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Unlock web3 and stablecoin payment capabilities fast

  • Embedded Wallets-as-a-Service

  • Flexible key management architecture

  • Fastest signing service in industry

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100+ Chain Support

100+ Chains including Solana, Bitcoin, ETH and EVM-compatible chains

Example code from Portal's SDK

Get started with just a few lines of code

Our lightweight mobile and web SDKs gives you the ability to launch an embedded payments module.

Powering the borderless economy

With just one SDK and integration, you can power borderless payment applications like marketplace payouts, cross border payments, and more!

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Why Portal?

Best developer experience

Go from zero to production in days with a fast and easy integration

Most performant signing service in the industry

Portal leads the industry in signing speeds for TSS MPC key management, by geography and platform

Best in class security

Portal's TSS MPC cryptographic protocol has been audited by NCC Group and Kudelski Security, undergoes quarterly penetration testing, and is SOC 2 Type 2 certified

Composable and flexible stack

Available across all platforms with Mobile SDKs, Web SDKs, and APIs that can fit a variety of use cases

Strong customer support

Around the clock engineering support, and top notch cryptography and security infrastructure expertise in-house!

100+ developer integrations

Turnkey solution supporting 100+ protocols, security partners, dApps for your convenience!

A mobile onboarding screenshot showing account setup in progress
A mobile onboarding screenshot showing account set up
A mobile onboarding screenshot showing account setup in progress
A mobile onboarding screenshot showing account setup in progress
A mobile onboarding screenshot showing account setup in progress

The future of better UX is here

No seed phrases. Use the latest in great user experience onboarding tech such as Passkeys. Abstract away all complexities to streamline the experience for your users.

Get Started

Composable from the start

Curate which apps and flows to activate from our SDK. Choose security parameters, wallet setup, protocols, and more in a modular fashion.

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Uncompromising security is in our DNA

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Foundational security through cryptography

Portal’s TSS MPC 2of 2 design is regularly audited by NCC Group and Kudelski Security to ensure that the design is cryptographically sound, whereby only the user's device holds the signing share and can initiate signing.

Icon depicting security at the organizational and platform level

Platform security externally audited by experts

From SOC II Type II, security audits and quarterly penetration tests by security leaders such as NCC Group and Kudelski Security, Portal's stack is always tested to prevent malicious attacks.

Icon showing a lock, depicting security at the data level

Built in disaster recovery for peace of mind

Users can always back up their shares to multiple backup methods including Google Drive, iCloud, Passkeys and other familiar systems for easy recovery. They can also revoke access by exporting their wallet private keys any time.

Ready to transform your business?

Unlock the ability of borderless finance to scale your business quickly!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which chains are supported?

We support 100+ chains including Solana, Bitcoin, ETH and EVM-compatible chains. Our signer service supports ECDSA and EDDSA raw signatures.

Who owns access to the wallets?

Only the user owning the device where the signing share is stored owns access to the wallet. You can read more about our TSS MPC architecture here.

Do you only offer non-custodial key management?

While the primary use case for our TSS MPC design is retail-facing embedded non-custodial wallets, we also support signing for companies that want to maintain a custodial model, with the flexibility of upgrading to non-custodial wallets later.

What is your pricing model?

We charge by monthly active wallets for consumer use cases and by signatures for business use cases. You can read more about our pricing here.

Does your MPC signer work Account Abstraction?

Yes! In fact, we are one of the first in industry to offer native MPC signing for Account Abstraction modules. You can refer to our Account Abstraction service here.

How do I get started?

Please book some time and we will give you access!