Embedded web3 infrastructure for the next wave of users

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Consumers are looking for easy ways to interact with web3 use cases such NFTs, DeFi, games, and more.

Users are shifting their assets from custodial accounts to non-custodial accounts due to the missing infrastructure that exists across ecosystem to access web3 apps natively.

Portal enables partners to power web3 use cases for users natively in their own experience.

Portal infrastructure enables seamless access to thousands of different applications

Our features

Portal provides consumer infrastructure to give your users a web3 native experience.

Advanced security

Give your users web3 experiences with robust security with MPC for key management and filters for nefarious smart contracts.

Simple integration

Layer simple set of Portal APIs and SDKs to accelerate your go to market with a new web3 product

Seamless UX

Portal's infrastructure allows you to shield your users from all web3 complexity.

Endless use cases

Provide your users native access to NFT marketplaces, Defi, and more with best in class user experience.

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Reach out to learn about how Portal powers exchanges, fintechs, and financial institutions to access the web3 ecosystem.

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