Onboard users into web3 safely and seamlessly

In the world of web3, it is complex to launch an application when faced with difficult trade offs between security risks and excellent UI/UX. Achieve a balance by outsourcing your infrastructure needs to the experts.

A mobile onboarding screenshot showing account setup in progress
A mobile onboarding screenshot showing account set up
A mobile onboarding screenshot showing account setup in progress
A mobile onboarding screenshot showing account setup in progress
A mobile onboarding screenshot showing account setup in progress

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Launch a world-class web3 application in record time

You can integrate Portal in less than a day to launch a web3 application.


Don’t build non-custodial key management infrastructure yourself. It’s hard to get right. Leverage Portal SDKs to onboard users safely without worrying about conversion.


Web3 is dangerous without the right guardrails. Safeguard your users with TSS MPC cryptography, and best-in-class security tooling.


Want to offer your users more beyond pump and dump? Use out-of-the-box components to engage users across various web3 use cases in one place.


There are missed revenue opportunities in web3. We offer you monetization tools to create a wonderful user experience in web3, while scaling a sustainable business model.

Who’s it for?

dApp Developers

Crypto Exchanges

Neobanks and Fintechs

Financial Software Companies

Retail Brands


Onboard users with a non-custodial wallet

Key management technical architecture determines whether a setup is non-custodial. Our parallel 2 of 2 TSS MPC architecture has been certified by regulatory and FINCEN experts to be non-custodial.

WHITE LABEL and embedded

White label service for an embedded Web3 wallet

No widgets. Just your brand. Portal’s non-custodial wallets are for white label only (your users don’t need to know Portal exists). Embed the Web3 wallet into your existing app using your own UI/UX design.


No need to trade off conversion at onboarding

Non-custodial wallets can come with low onboarding rates because of the tight key management security practices (think Seed Phrases). We optimized our non-custodial wallet key management infrastructure for onboarding conversion with no seed phrases, multiple Backup and Recovery modules, and high signature speeds.


Safeguard your users

With CCGMP cryptographic protocol underlying our TSS MPC key management architecture, a security firewall you can use to block fraudulent smart contract addresses and best-in-class security integrations from companies like BlockAid, you can safeguard your user’s journey into web3.

engage usErs

Engage your users with built-in dApp store components

Knowing what engages your users in web3 is hard. With our webview components, you can curate a dApp store out-of-the-box to test what dApps or web3 features engage your users most.

earn revenue

Create a sustainable web3 business model

Web3 does not have to mean losing money. We have built-in revenue generating features, such as Swaps or Card Issuing, that allow you to earn revenue from adding utility for your users!

These companies use Portal to launch Embedded Web3 Wallets

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