Portal for digital USD accounts

Digital USD accounts anywhere in the world

Cross-border finance is now borderless. Provision a digital USD account for users anywhere in the world.

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Provide digital USD accounts

You can integrate Portal in less than a day to launch a digital USD account.

Provision digital USD accounts

Give users in emerging markets the ability to receive, store and spend wealth in digital dollars.

Expand globally while staying compliant

Stay compliant by launching a digital USD dollar account in a new country - such as in Latin America - powered by non-custodial blockchain infrastructure. All in days.

Enable efficient cross-border transfers

Enable efficient and cost effective cross border transfers. Create a closed-loop payment system and open up seamless cross-border transfers.

Allow your users to spend digital dollars locally

By offering Visa physical and virtual credit cards on top of digital USD accounts, you can allow your users to spend digital dollars locally.

Who’s it for?

Neobanks and Fintechs

Crypto Exchanges

Financial Software Companies

dApp developers


Democratize access to USD

Let your users receive, store and spend wealth in digital dollars (PYUSD, USDC or USDT). Help users in fast growing emerging markets hedge inflation and currency devaluation.


Enable efficient cross-border transfers

If you are expanding internationally, the Portal solution allows you to create a closed loop payment network between users in your expansion market and in your home market. You can also provide instant and cost-effective digital USD transfers across borders with the blockchain.


Expand globally

Expanding a financial product to the US, Americas or anywhere in the world can be regulatory complex, slowing time-to-market drastically and draining capital.

Utilizing the blockchain and digital dollars, you can launch a digital USD account product fast with little overhead and allow users to spend dollars from day 1.


Spend digital dollars locally

Your users want to hold and spend in dollars in their home country. Now you can offer them the ability to do so. 

Powered by Visa, your users can have a secured credit card that will allow them to buy goods and services with digital dollars from day 1.

Issue physical and virtual cards for the best UI/UX, and unlock new revenue by earning interchange from cards.

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