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Product Updates
3 min read

Introducing Portal Marketplace

Over 60+ integrations to add to Portal SDK.

November 14, 2023

Introducing Portal Marketplace

Portal is proud to announce the launch of our Marketplace, home to integrations for over 60 apps, products, and developer tools. With this launch, any business can offer a wide-range of Web3 features to their customers with one single SDK integration. Portal is your one-stop shop for all your development needs with public blockchains.

Building a great Web3 product is a multifaceted process. It's more than adding “Connect Wallet” to your website. It’s creating a product experience that elegantly onboards new users and meets their needs immediately and directly, all with a high-level of security. Developing a product that accomplishes these goals can be time consuming, expensive, and risky when each piece must be developed separately. Portal Marketplace for Portal SDK is the answer. As a seamless connection to the broader Web3 ecosystem, Marketplace offers a variety of third-party integrations across analytics, authentication, DeFi, NFTs, payments, security, and more.

Featured partner integrations

Portal has partnered with industry leaders to offer integrations for some of the most important features and services a business can offer its customers. Our featured integrations include:

Credit Cards, powered by Rain

Rain offers customers the opportunity to spend stablecoins such as PYUSD and USDC via credit card from your non-custodial wallet across the Americas. Read more here

Swaps, powered by 0x

0x enables swaps across thousands of tokens on the most popular blockchains, tapping into aggregated liquidity across DEXs and private Market Makers with one simple integration. Businesses can use this functionality to develop new revenue-generating DeFi features, expand the depth of token offerings to meet user demands, and simplify UX with under the hood token swaps - all directly into your products. Read more here

Account Abstraction, powered by ZeroDev

Incorporating Account Abstraction (AA) into an MPC wallet improves the overall user experience and flexibility. With ZeroDev, businesses only need a single API call to offer features such as gas subsidization, batching, ERC20 gas, and programmable spending limits. Read more here

Crypto Transfers, powered by Mesh 

Mesh securely enables safer, easier crypto transfers and payments from 300+ leading exchanges and wallets, all without leaving your platform. Read more about the benefits here

The benefits of an integration marketplace

Having multiple outside integrations available in a single SDK offers significant benefits to any business entering Web3. Portal’s composable infrastructure allows you to configure new modules quickly to accelerate your product roadmap. Portal becomes your one-stop shop for all things blockchain.

It expands functionality at the pace the business desires.

There is no need to start from scratch every time you want to add a new function to your product. Businesses can leverage existing tools and services developed by expert teams across Web3 simply and quickly. Individual integrations can be added to the SDK based on the business's own roadmap, saving time and resources while also enabling the company to provide a more comprehensive and robust solution to its customers. In addition, Web3 moves at hyperspeed, so as new technology, products, and services come online, the Marketplace will continue to grow, providing businesses with a fast path towards updating their offerings.

It offers a straightforward developer experience that allows businesses to focus on their core competencies.

A cohesive ecosystem of integrations in a single SDK eliminates the risk and effort involved in using a variety of different SDKs, APIs, and infrastructure to create a comprehensive product. Developers rely on Web3 specialists for critical features, allowing them to focus on their core competencies, likely leading to higher-quality products. The streamlined experience not only boosts developer satisfaction but also decreases the learning curve for development, particularly with teams new to Web3. 

It helps businesses have a faster time-to-market.

Developing and launching new features or services can be a time-consuming process. However, by integrating pre-existing solutions through a single SDK, businesses can significantly reduce development time. This accelerated pace allows companies to bring innovations to market faster, seizing opportunities before competitors and staying ahead in a rapidly evolving landscape.

It is cost efficient.

Developing and maintaining a variety of features in-house can be expensive. A single SDK that integrates a wide variety of features and services can save on development costs while benefiting from solutions that are already proven and well-maintained. This cost efficiency can translate into higher profit margins or more competitive pricing for customers.

The benefits of partnering with Portal

“Portal is a gateway for a customer's journey into the world of blockchains,” said Raj Parekh, CEO & Co-Founder, Portal. “Companies using the Portal stack can offer their customers everything they need—fiat on-ramps, security, authentication, and much more—by using the third-party integrations available in the Portal Marketplace. And partners can access new markets as part of Portal's infrastructure offering that is onboarding the next generation of blockchain users.”

The Portal Marketplace streamlines distribution for partners by shortening the sales cycle. Partner integrations are front and center for enterprise customers as they determine their product development roadmap, influencing decision making and speeding up the timeline from consideration to inclusion.

Portal was built to offer businesses all of Web3 in a single integration. Portal Marketplace is the next step to ensuring any business can create a compelling, complete Web3 product for its customers with reduced time, cost, and risk.

Want to learn more about building an out-of-the-box Web3 offering? Contact Us. 

Interested in being a partner in the Portal Developer Marketplace? Become a Partner.