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Product Updates
3 min read

Add native swaps to your MPC wallet, powered by 0x

This first-of-its-kind offering enables businesses to open new revenue streams by natively offering DeFi swaps directly in their products.

August 16, 2023

Add native swaps to your MPC wallet, powered by 0x

Portal and 0x have enabled the first native swaps feature for easy implementation in an MPC wallet as a service. The Portal SDK, which provides businesses with a white label Account Abstraction/Threshold Signature Scheme MPC wallet, comes with the option to include native swaps trading. The swaps capability is powered on the backend by 0x’s industry-leading liquidity and smart order routing API. 

As one of the most requested DeFi capabilities, swaps offers end users the ability to directly trade one digital asset for another without an intermediary. Until now, making swaps available to users has been out of reach for enterprise organizations—it would require extensive development from scratch, a mastery of blockchain code security, and a significant level of DEX (decentralized exchanges) expertise. By partnering with 0x, Portal now makes it as easy for businesses to offer swaps to their users as calling a simple function within the Portal SDK. 

“We’re excited to be the first infrastructure company to enable swaps in a turnkey way for our customers via a technology partnership with 0x. Portal’s goal is to simplify the full Web3 user experience for both developers and end users with highly secure Web3 building blocks, including access to revenue-generating DeFi products like swaps,” said Raj Parekh, CEO and co-founder of Portal

Businesses can already use the Portal SDK to:

  • Build a Web3 wallet as a service (TSS MPC with or without account abstraction)
  • Offer a dApp store with access to DeFi, NFT, gaming, social apps, and more
  • Connect their users to Web3 via mobile, desktop (using WalletConnect) or native protocol integrations
  • Implement security tooling like the Portal Wallet Firewall

With this additional swaps feature available from the same Portal SDK, businesses don’t have to worry about building access to swaps on their own and can instead focus their development resources on their core products while providing their users the most complete set of blockchain capabilities via a single SDK integration.

0x's Swap API powers the swaps within the Portal SDK, enabling fast access to Web3 markets. Any builder can enable swaps in their apps and use it as a revenue stream without having to build separate integrations to hundreds of DEXs.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Portal to help power out of the box token swaps in the Portal wallet SDK. Rapid growth in Web3 has led to fragmentation of liquidity across DEX markets, bringing challenges for developers. Portal’s Swap API integration will enable developers to easily launch wallets with built-in swap functionality and access deep liquidity from over 100+ exchanges - driving added value and new revenue streams for Web3 businesses,” said Amir Bandeali, Co-Founder and Co-CEO, 0x.

Features available with Swaps

As a Portal customer, you can simply enable swaps via the Portal SDK and accomplish the following:

  • Enable swaps for your users across thousands of tokens on all ETH and EVM-compatible blockchains;
  • Tap into aggregated liquidity across DEXs with one simple integration;
  • Set and take fees onchain by charging a spread on each transaction, instantly generating revenue;
  • Build your own user interface on top of Swaps into your app;
  • Curate the types of tokens you choose to make available to your users

You can do all of this in less than 10 lines of code.

How to enable swaps via Portal

The swaps implementation is available starting today across all Portal SDKs (mobile and web) to customers. As Portal adds more blockchains for support in the Portal SDK, access to this swaps feature will become available for blockchains mutually supported by 0x.

Want to enable swaps in your blockchain product offering? It's easy to get started. Book a demo today to see this live in action.