Financial Services

Bring DeFi and more to your users

Bring the most popular digital asset financial services like payments, DeFi and staking to your users with a customizable white label platform that prioritizes security, user experience, and developer support.

Accelerate your roadmap while guiding users safely into web3

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Embed a non-custodial web3 wallet in your app

With Portal Wallet, your users never have to leave your app or platform to transact on the blockchain. They have control over their assets and can sign any on-chain transaction.

Guide your users compliantly into web3

Get the tools you need to guide your users into the world of web3 - leveraging Portal's security tooling or deep experience working at regulated fintechs.

Save on high upfront setup costs

Companies allocate more than 50 engineers and 9 months to build a web3 wallet in-house. With Portal, you can launch a web3 wallet in weeks with lesser than a team of 3.

Be well positioned for the next market upside

Capture the upside of the next bull cycle with minimal setup effort. Portal SDK includes native DeFi protocol integrations that can start to generate new revenue streams.

Financial Services

Give your users best-in-class experience

UX-friendly design

Leverage a Threshold Signature Scheme (TSS) MPC wallet that gives your users control over their crypto assets without requiring seed phrases. Read about TSS MPC here

Embedded white label wallet

The Portal SDK allows you to create a digital asset experience consistent with your branding while powered by a flexible white label platform.

Smart account functionality

Portal combines TSS MPC and Account Abstraction so you can build smart account functionality into your product. Gas subsidisation, social recovery, session key management at your fingertips. Read about our MPC+AA product here


Expect enterprise-grade security

Build with a reliable footprint.

Choose a platform that has been battle-tested for scalability and performance for millions of users.

Demand rigorous security standards.

Portal is SOC II Type II certified and completes regular penetration testing and security audits with external firms such as NCC Group.

Stay compliant and mitigate disaster scenarios.

With automated redundancy in place, you can help users recover access via encrypted safeguards or export private keys to an external wallet of their choice.

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