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Product Updates
3 min read

Portal launches support for Polygon zkEVM

Portal extends infrastructure SDKs to support the largest L2 network for faster, more secure transactions and lower costs.

August 3, 2023

Portal launches support for Polygon zkEVM

As part of Portal’s wide ranging support for ETH and EVM applications and protocols, Portal now supports Polygon zkEVM. This scaling solution from Polygon reflects their focus on fast, low cost, and secure building tools for developers of the EVM ecosystem. 

The value Polygon zkEVM brings to both builders and end users resonates with us at Portal. Our ethos is to make it easy, fast, and secure to build a blockchain product—no matter what type of developer you are. 

Polygon zkEVM: unlocking mass Web3 adoption

Polygon zkEVM is designed for higher transaction throughput at a lower cost while retaining the security of Ethereum. At the core of this scaling solution are zero knowledge proofs, implemented via a process known as ZK-rollups, which streamline transactions by batching thousands of them. 

Security, lower costs, and increased speed open up a number of Web3 use cases where low transaction costs make a big difference: micropayments, gaming transactions, everyday investing, staking, lending/borrowing, social tipping, NFT minting, content creation, and so much more.

How Portal and Polygon zkEVM work together

The Portal SDK supports Polygon zkEVM builders who want to add a white-label MPC wallet to their dApps, whether on mobile or web. 

Increase user onboarding with a built-in wallet on your Polygon zkEVM dApp

To simplify the onboarding process to Web3, Portal offers builders a way to embed a Web3 wallet in place of external Web3 wallets like MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet or Trust Wallet that require seed phrases. Through our SDK, your users can generate a white label, user-controlled wallet within your own ETH, EVM, or zkEVM app without a seed phrase.

Launch your white-label seedless wallet in less than 30 minutes

Developers can get set up in less than 30 minutes with our Threshold Signature Scheme (TSS) MPC wallet as a service that’s immediately usable. For more on what makes TSS MPC a highly secure, developer and user-friendly Web3 wallet design, check out our TSS MPC overview.

Once the SDK is implemented, no additional integrations are required: the SDK comes with a built-in EIP-1193 compliant provider, connectivity to hundreds of existing dApps, tooling to build your own applications, and security features like the Portal Wallet Firewall. 

Build a dApp store, connect natively to protocols, or easily integrate WalletConnect

Portal’s composable stack means you can build your wallet as a service with the functionality that works for you:

  • Use Portal to create your own dApp store browser and build an interface for users on top for your mobile app
  • Use Portal’s simplified WalletConnect integration, saving you from integrating WalletConnect separately
  • Build browser-based access to zkEVM apps and protocols with the Portal web SDK
  • Build smart contract functionality that supports Account Abstraction for your TSS MPC wallet

Protect customers from scams and malicious smart contracts

The Portal Wallet Firewall comes built into the Portal SDK integration so you can protect your users from malicious smart contracts, dApps, and addresses on any EVM transaction, including Polygon zkEVM. Block, unblock, and manage dApps and addresses easily via an intuitive dashboard. Read more about the Portal Wallet Firewall.

How to get started with Portal and Polygon zkEVM

Portal customers can start building on Polygon zkEVM testnet. Seamlessly integrate it into your existing application flow, just like you've been using a provider to send transactions:

At Portal we’re designing for the future of blockchains and welcome new businesses and projects interested in exploring Polygon apps. 

Want to see the rest of the platform? Book a demo today to start.