Raj Parekh

Raj Parekh

CEO & Co-Founder

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People & Culture
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Harry Alford, formerly at Coinbase, joins Portal

Former Coinbase Cloud Sales Lead joins the Portal team to help scale Web3 infrastructure solutions

May 9, 2023

Harry Alford, formerly at Coinbase, joins Portal

Portal is proud to announce that Harry Alford has joined the team as Sales and Go-to-Market Lead. He brings a wealth of experience to the Web3 infrastructure space, having previously served as the Financial Services Lead for Cloud Sales at Coinbase.

At Coinbase, Harry was responsible for leading sales and business development efforts for Web3 APIs and cloud-based products, wallet services, and staking infrastructure for top enterprises. He engaged with major financial institutions, startups, and decentralized applications (dApps) to drive adoption of Coinbase's offerings.

Harry's background also includes Web3 investing and innovation consulting, as well as successfully scaling tech startups to exit.

Of his time in the Web3 industry, Harry shared, “I’ve spent the last two years immersed in Web3 both while at Coinbase and in the space in general. What I’ve learned during that time has deepened my belief that this industry can have a substantial positive impact on people’s lives and the broader economy; I look forward to applying that experience in helping Portal scale its Web3 and wallet-as-a-service products and bring more people into the rapidly-growing decentralized ecosystem.”

We are thrilled to welcome Harry to our team. His expertise in sales and business development will be a valuable asset to Portal as we look to expand our market presence and grow our customer base. Additionally, Harry's deep knowledge of the Web3 ecosystem will be instrumental in driving growth for Portal. We look forward to leveraging that expertise as we continue to build innovative Web3 infrastructure solutions.

Portal recently raised $5.3 million in a funding round that included Slow Ventures and Haun Ventures, which will be used to accelerate product development and expand the company's global reach. With Harry leading sales and go-to-market efforts, Portal is well-positioned to capitalize on the growing demand for Web3 infrastructure solutions and drive adoption of its products and services.