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Product Updates
3 min read

Mesh's Seamless Integration Journey with Portal SDK

Mesh (formerly Front Finance) integrates seamlessly with the Portal SDK.

January 10, 2024

Mesh's Seamless Integration Journey with Portal SDK

Mesh recently implemented Portal’s SDK to demonstrate how their clients could offer MPC wallets to end users as part of their Mesh integration. Mesh is a pass-through instruction layer that allows enterprises to seamlessly integrate crypto-based financial services into their platform. Users today have multiple digital asset accounts which presents a challenge when it comes to accessing their assets. Mesh solves for that. Read about the benefits here.

We recently sat down with Jay Parisi, Solutions Architect at Mesh, to discuss Mesh and his experience working with the Portal SDK.

Tell us a little about what you're building at Mesh.

Founded in 2020, our mission is to build an open, connected, and secure financial ecosystem. Mesh is a modern financial operating system that provides enterprise clients with the ability to incorporate digital asset transfers, crypto payments, account aggregation, and registered securities trading from over 300 platforms directly into their platform. 

What prompted you to develop with Portal?

We were looking for a no-UI, web SDK that offered MPC wallets to demonstrate how Mesh can execute embedded deposits directly to an end user’s wallet. Not all wallet-as-a-service providers are MPC-based, and some require a modal UI.

Can you describe the problem Mesh is trying to solve and how it solves it with Portal?

As the adoption of digital assets and currencies grow, more and more users are opening accounts at crypto exchanges to buy and hold these assets. Unfortunately, the fragmentation across exchanges cause a lot of inconvenience for users who want to potentially access assets in their (many) digital asset accounts for liquidity. Mesh aggregates a user's digital asset accounts particularly at exchanges and enables them to deposit these assets directly into a new wallet - a wallet such as one provisioned by Portal's MPC wallet-as-a-service. We have collaborated with Portal prior to discuss the benefits here.

What has been your experience with the Portal integration?

With my requirements, integration was very straightforward. The developer docs were top notch. Even though the Web SDK is in beta and the documentation isn’t too verbose, I still found it very simple to create my first wallet. In addition, all the guides and resources, especially the error code dictionary, were very helpful.

How was your experience working directly with the Portal team?

The Portal team has been outstanding, especially David Scrobonia, who went above and beyond to detail how the product works. Additionally, when he sensed there could be improvements in the product, he addressed them immediately. For example, the GET transactions response did not include internal transactions, an important feature for Mesh. The Portal team added visibility to see internal transactions from a smart contract, in this case Coinbase Exchange smart contract deposits to the wallet, which immeasurably improved our integration.

Were there any particular challenges you faced during implementation?

Everything went very smoothly. The few times I needed assistance, a relatively short Slack conversation—less than an hour—solved things. When selling Enterprise software, having a developer get up and running with 60 minutes of Q&A is outstanding.

How does the Mesh x Portal integration work specifically?

The Portal integration for Mesh occurs in a few easy steps:

  • The user signs into their external account, for instance, Coinbase
  • Once signed in, the user can opt to deposit from the external account or withdraw to it
  • The user signs the wallet transaction (via the Portal SDK) and sends it

You can look at our repo here and a demo below!

A Mesh integration x Portal wallet

Why didn’t you develop this wallet tech yourself?

My core competency, like many others, isn't building MPC Key and wallet management software. For both expediency and security, I preferred not to invest time to add this capability and would rather work with a highly competent and trustworthy third-party provider like Portal.

What’s next for Mesh and the wallet service offered via Portal?

If you are interested in the Mesh integration with Portal, please give Portal a shout here and we can connect to discuss a solution for you!