Raj Parekh

Raj Parekh

CEO & Co-Founder

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Product Updates
2 min read

Introducing Solana embedded wallets

Portal now supports Solana embedded wallets.

April 4, 2024

Introducing Solana embedded wallets

If you're interested in building embedded wallets on Solana, you can review our docs here and reach out to get access here!


My first introduction to Solana dates back to 2021, when I was at Visa and launched our new stablecoin settlement product. When I chatted with the many banks, fintechs, and issuers excited to settle transactions with Visa in near real time, two key questions always came up:

1. Is there any way that we can have these transactions move faster?

2. Can we make the transaction fees lower?

Since Solana came on the scene in 2020, it’s always focused on being the settlement network that achieves both high throughput and low fees. Its goal was always to close the fundamental gaps for using blockchains at scale. There was no surprise that the team at Visa crypto quickly published their findings with Solana as the blockchain of choice for payments and beyond.

Fast forward to today, there’s no question that the Solana ecosystem continues to expand.

Today, we’re excited to announce support for Solana across Portal’s infrastructure. 

Portal now supports Solana across our SDKs/API for embedded wallets.

The Solana ecosystem continues to grow and evolve every day. We believe it will continue to be at the forefront for key use cases like payments, tokenization, NFTs, and trading/DeFi. 

We are launching our Solana infrastructure with several exciting partners:

  • Portal will be available for all hackers who participate in Colosseum, the largest online hackathon series and accelerator in the Solana ecosystem
  • Slingshot - One of the smoothest non-custodial and cross-chain DeFi trading platforms in the ecosystem
  • Metawealth - Simplest access to real estate on-chain

If you're a developer or enterprise looking to harness Solana for your use cases, reach out to get access!

In the meantime, check out our developer docs here to get up to speed on everything we offer.