Raj Parekh

Raj Parekh

CEO & Co-Founder

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Introducing Portal to the world

February 28, 2023

Introducing Portal to the world

Web3 Everywhere.

Web3 is fundamentally transforming every part of our lives — from how we make payments and access financial services to how we manage our data and assets in an increasingly connected world. However, the barriers to access this emerging ecosystem are high — for both enterprises and consumers alike.

We imagine a world where web3 is embedded into every application and a foundational part of every user experience. At Portal, we are empowering platforms and developers with the capabilities to unlock a new ecosystem and transform the experiences they provide for their users.

It Starts with a Wallet.

We believe that wallets sit at the heart of the experience for users given the endless use cases they can enable. They are the critical link in giving users access to all the possibilities in web3, however, today’s experiences are complex and foreign to most users.

Our belief is that every wallet should have the following capabilities:

- Easy onboarding without seed phrases

- Robust security measures to protect users from scams & theft

- Embedded access to protocols and applications

We believe that wallets can, and should, exist anywhere and everywhere a user is. So far, infrastructure has been limited, forcing a fragmented and disjointed experience at best. Enter Portal. We believe any platform can become a gateway into web3 with the right infrastructure.

Opening the Portal to Web3.

We are building the ultimate wallet infrastructure + web3 connectivity interface to help transform our partners into web3-enabled super apps. Portal offers a simple developer kit to enable our partners to quickly connect to protocols and decentralized applications, directly or from the browser (mobile/desktop). In tandem, by leveraging advanced cryptography in MPC (multi-party computation), Portal is able to offer an embedded wallet that eliminates seed phrases for users with the utmost security.

With our infrastructure, partners can unlock a new ecosystem of use cases from DeFi swaps to NFT games to messaging. As a byproduct, partners are able to increase the lifetime value of their users by improving retention and creating new revenue streams.

Portal has already partnered with leading exchanges, fintechs, and developers to enable seamless onboarding and web3 access for their users. We’re excited to open up our infrastructure to enterprises, developers, and protocols to power the new web3 economy.

If you’re interested in transforming your app into a web3 Portal, reach out to us to request access here via this form.