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Product Updates
3 min read

Introducing Cross Device Syncing

Create multiple signing shares across devices.

December 5, 2023

Introducing Cross Device Syncing

Portal is excited to introduce cross-device syncing, a secure way to allow your users to sign transactions for the same wallet across multiple devices. 

With traditional non-custodial wallets, a user gets a single pair of public and private keys to both sign and recover their wallet. With MPC wallets, like those offered by Portal, two pairs of key shares are generated upon wallet creation, signing keys and recovery keys. The signing shares are used to sign and execute transactions, while the recovery keys are used to recover the wallet if the device storing the signing key is lost. With cross-device syncing, businesses can create additional signing shares on secondary devices from the original used to create the wallet. 

Why use cross-device syncing?

Cross-device syncing is the ability for a business to support multiple sessions across different devices for a user. Therefore, users can access a single wallet across multiple devices, such as smartphones, tablets and computers, and sign transactions from any one of them.

Many users want to access their wallet across different types of devices without having to transfer assets or keys manually. Cross-device syncing offers users the convenience of seamlessly managing their assets and interacting with Web3 applications across devices.

How developers implement cross-device syncing 

Cross-device syncing is available across all Portal’s SDKs: React Native, iOS, Android, or Web, and is available to all developers who integrate Portal regardless of pricing plan. 

The additional signing shares can be created once a user has successfully backed up their wallet. Thanks to portal.provisionWallet, both the new and old sets of signing shares can be used simultaneously. 

Here's how to implement portal.provisionWallet:

Implementing cross-device syncing with Portal

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