Parsa Attari

Parsa Attari


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Talks Beyond MPC - how we combine MPC+AA to drive adoption

How we combine MPC+AA and more to drive adoption.

November 6, 2023 Beyond MPC - how we combine MPC+AA to drive adoption

In case you missed it, Parsa, Portal's resident expert in all things applied cryptography, goes into how we combine MPC and Account Abstraction to drive end user adoption at the conference in Singapore in September 2023.

  • He underlines that users desire a Web 2.0 experience combining familiarity, such as social login and pass keys, with the powerful infrastructure of Web 3.0, abstracted from their view.
  • Introduces using smart contract wallets as fund managers, shedding light on advantages like gas subsidization, custom off optimization, and easing the usage of erc20 tokens.
  • In terms of key management, there is no single point of failure as private keys are not given away in case of phishing, and off-chain recovery is cheaper and more secure.
  • He mentions the cons of smart contract wallets, such as the cost of adding new devices on-chain, and suggests bridging the gap between MPC and account abstraction to provide an optimal user experience.
  • He concludes by opening the floor for questions on account abstraction and its integration with MPC.