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Portal SDK

The fastest, easiest integration for launching crypto wallets and Web3 products.

  • Launch-ready in less than 100 lines of code and spin up proof of concept in less than 30 minutes

  • No dependencies or external libraries needed

  • React native, mobile-native (iOS, Android) and web-native SDKs

  • Supports ETH and EVM, ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-1155 standard assets

100+ Chain Support

100+ Chains including ETH, EVM-compatible chains and Solana

Portal Wallet

Highly secure and UX friendly crypto wallet as a service.

The Portal Wallet combines security and usability with a Threshold Signature Scheme (MPC) key management system and Account Abstraction powered smart contract functionality

Non-custodial crypto wallets where user controls one of 2 signing shares through TSS MPC design

No seed phrases at onboarding which reduces the risk of users misplacing their keys!

Users will never lose wallet access with built-in recoverability and redundancy. Key shares always backed up

No widgets. Just your brand. White-labeled crypto wallet deeply embedded within your app's UI/UX

First-in-market to combine secure TSS MPC key management and usable Account Abstraction features for the best user experience

No lock-in. Built-in eject private key feature allow your users to export their key shares anytime

Portal Connect

A wide range of blockchain products and services, out of the box.

Portal Connect ensures your instance is fully functional. No additional integrations needed to access most ETH and EVM blockchains and dApps. Additional functionality is as easy as a simple call function.

  • Built-in EIP-1193 compliant web3 provider is configurable to any gateway provider and integrates natively with any protocol 

  • Curate access to hundreds of dApps within your own dApp store with a few lines of code

  • Use Wallet Connect to connect mobile wallet to desktop-based dApps

  • Build native protocol integrations on top of the web3 provider with one simple call function


Security is in our DNA and at every layer our products.

The Portal founders have backgrounds in security and enterprise. You get thoughtful enterprise-grade design in your embedded blockchain infrastructure.

  • SOC II Type II certified

  • Quarterly penetration tests and security audits conducted by external firm

  • Configurable firewall feature protects your users and helps you comply with regulations

  • Built on CCGMP, an open source MPC protocol that is regularly audited for ECDSA signatures

  • Backup and recovery of shares automated through webhooks to enable simple set up and operation

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Design pattern lines in green and blue that convey connectivityDesign pattern lines in pink and yellow that convey connectivity