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Open your platform to Web3

Launch a powerful and secure offering with a single integration for all of Web3 that gives your users direct access to the world of DeFi, NFTs, blockchain-based gaming, and more.

Create a Web3 wallet with a few lines of code

Lightweight yet powerful, our wallet as a service SDK gives you an MPC wallet that requires no seed phrase, comes with security tooling, and simplifies protocol connectivity.

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Make your app the Web3 super app

Make your core product the go-to gateway to trading crypto on DEXs, exploring decentralized games, owning digital collectibles and more—all while keeping users in your own product.

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The future of better UX is here

MPC wallets eliminate the clunky, intimidating seed phrases while providing familiar backup and recovery methods so users can easily and safely get started. 

Bring Web3 to the world

Composable from the start

Curate which apps and flows to activate from our wallet as a service SDK. Choose your security parameters, wallet setup, and connectivity options such as integrating natively with Web3 protocols via our API.

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Uncompromising security is in our DNA

Security that starts with the code source

Portal’s MPC wallet technology is open source and audited. The parallel 2 of 2 threshold design reduces complexity and attack surface. Best of all, no seed phrases required.

Platform security that meets rigorous standards

A security mindset at every layer of Web3 infrastructure. From SOC II Type II certification, security audits and quarterly penetration tests to an industry-leading smart contract firewall that blocks fraudulent dApps.

Data security designed for user peace of mind

Users can back up their accounts to Google Drive, iCloud or other familiar cloud-based system for easy recovery. They can also revoke access by exporting their wallet private keys any time.

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Ready to transform your business?

Web3 is here. Consumers are either already exploring it or looking for trusted ways to do so. You can help them on that journey by becoming a leading curator of experiences with a secure, reliable, and out-of-the-box Web3 portal.

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